Greetings Grilling Gurus!

Greetings Grilling Gurus!

Memorial Day is right around the corner and we want to make sure to have all the essentials you’ll need for effortless entertaining for the holiday and beyond. Here at Kitchen a la Mode we’ve hand-picked our top choices to ensure you’re at the top of your grilling game. Drum roll please…

  • Wireless Smart Meat ThermometerMeater Wireless Thermometer

Who wants to be stuck standing at your grill at the peak of the party? Our wireless smart thermometer allows you to move up to 165 ft. from your grill, monitors your cooking time for what you’re grilling and degree of doneness you desire, and finally sends you an alert when your food is finished. How modernly easy is that?

  • Stainless Steel Flat Skewers.metal skewers

Set of 6 durable stainless steel skewers are ideal for grilling your favorite meat, seafood or vegetable kebobs. The flat design prevents foods from spinning and looped handle makes cooking and serving a snap. Dishwasher safe.

The perfect set for grilling like a pro. Our stainless steel turner is a must- have for flipping burgers and our scalloped tongs securely hold onto food for easy turning. And just as a “necessary” bonus, the tongs handle holds a built-in bottle opener. Dishwasher safe.

  • Basting Brush
Basting Brush

Everyone needs a great basting brush and this is the one! Round natural bristle brush with long rosewood handle not only looks great, but is a beautiful baster.

  • Grilling Apron
  • Just the Tip

Dress like the barbecuing boss you are! Heavy-duty cotton apron protects your summer whites from spills and splatters and gets a good laugh  while doing so.

  • Mesh Scrubber Grill BrushMesh BBQ Scrubber

After all the guests are gone, make cleaning your grill easy and breezy with this heavy-duty grill brush safe for all grill types, even porcelain. Features two replaceable stainless steel woven mesh scour pads and a comfortable, sturdy handle. 


Those are our top picks, but come visit us to see the rest of our very vast collection of outdoor cooking essentials, including grilling skillets, poachers, smoker boxes, chips and planks for fabulous five star barbecuing! Our planks are perfect for grilling salmon and more and our three types of wood smoking chips will enhance any and all types of summertime food. Down home hickory chips give that ultimate smokiness to full roasted chickens and ribs, traditional mesquite chips supply subtle flavor for all types of food and cherry chips give off a fruity, sweet vibe, perfect for fish, chicken or vegetables. 

So open the deck, fire up the grill and get set for summer! We’re here to make all the outdoor magic happen! 

From your friends at Kitchen a la Mode

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