Thanksgiving Plan Made For You

Halloween is now behind us. The witch hats and vampire fangs have
been whisked away, and now it’s time to face the next frightening event in
your future – hosting Thanksgiving dinner. But truth be told, putting on a
sensational holiday feast does not have to be scary at all, and here at
Kitchen a la Mode, we’ve compiled 8 simple guidelines to make your
holiday fete successful, foolproof and most importantly, fun! Here is your
Turkey Day countdown:
1. Plan ahead. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for making a
schedule and sticking to it! First figure out who you’re having, send
out invites, specify an arrival time and find out if anyone’s staying
Next, plan out your menu and figure out what can be made ahead
and what needs doing on the actual day. You can even start some
dishes a few days before like pies, cakes, casseroles, make-ahead
gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce!
2. Inventory Thanksgiving essentials. A few weeks before Turkey
Day, check all the tools you’ll need to make your Thanksgiving run
like clockwork. We’re talking roasting pans, casserole dishes, serving
platters, pie plates, flatware, linens, glassware, gravy boats, and meat
thermometers. If you notice any gaps, head to Kitchen a la Mode.
We’ll make sure you have everything you need for the big day.
3. Order and shop early. If you’re ordering a fresh turkey, do so a week
or so ahead of time. If you’re going with a frozen bird, check thawing
times. Buy all non-perishables and beverages 2-3 weeks ahead of
time and perishables 2-3 days ahead. That leaves a day or two for
anything you’ve invariably forgotten.
4. Set your table 2 days ahead of time. This saves valuable time the
day of your dinner and still gives you time to run out for any tableware
item you may still need. Thanks again, Kitchen a la Mode!

5. Keep it simple. Thanksgiving is not the time for trying out new and
complicated dishes. Stick to simple, time-honored and trusted
recipes. Quite simply, make food your family loves.
6. Accept any and all help. Thanksgiving is not meant to be a one
man (or woman) show. Your guests want to help, so let them! If
guests want to make a dish, be specific about what foods you need to
perfectly round out your meal. If guests don’t cook, put them to work
by serving drinks or helping with clean-up.
7. Make a detailed time schedule for the big day. Write out a detailed
timeline for when you start your turkey, assemble your side dishes
and when and how long to heat everything. Keep in mind the size of
your oven! Most likely, not everything will fit in at once!
8. Enjoy yourself. Remember, your guests are all rooting for you, and
they won’t enjoy themselves if you don’t. Set the mood by being
warm, welcoming, calm and collected. Don’t strive for perfection.
Strive for a great gathering of those you love.

So, follow these simple guidelines for a Thanksgiving to remember –
one where you can relax, revel in the company of family and friends and
even accept some well-earned kudos for a fabulous feast.
We’re thankful for all of you.

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