Warm Weather Worshipers

Warm Weather Worshipers

Dear warm weather worshipers,

At Kitchen a la Mode, June is busting out all over!

With the official start of summer just around the corner, we have you completely covered for all the momentous events this beautiful month has to offer, whether it be graduation, Father’s Day, visiting friends and relatives, hosting outdoor gatherings or just celebrating the joyous fact that school’s out for summer!

Got a graduate in your life? Celebrate them by making a beautiful sheet cake. We’ve got everything you’ll need to make an impressive and personal cake to fete your favorite scholar. Have a college grad starting their official adult life? Set them up right with all the kitchen essentials needed for those intrepid souls finally leaving the parental nest.

Of course, dad is the star of June, and we have everything that will make your favorite patriarch totally pleased on Father’s Day. Need any grilling essentials? We have them all from tongs, spatulas, grill brushes, poachers, barbeque skillets, basting brushes, wooden grilling planks, wood chip smokers and three kinds of smoking wood chips. And of course, what would Father’s Day be without a toast to dear old dad? We have an entire collection of glass and barware, cocktail shakers and party tubs. Get down, Dad!

Visiting friends or relatives this month? Don’t leave home without a thoughtful hosting gift. We’ve got a whole array of beautiful and colorful ceramic bowls, Polish Pottery, soap sets and tea towels to ensure you’re always invited back.

Doing your own outdoor entertaining? Not only do we have every piece of cooking equipment you’ll ever need, but we have a gorgeous collection of plastic and Melamine pitchers, cups, plates, bowls and platters for carefree, unbreakable gatherings under the sun.

And let’s not forget the fact that the kids are finally busting out of school! Celebrate their newfound freedom with ice pop and ice cream molds, animal shaped ice cube trays and one of our newest items – edible bubbles in mouth-watering flavors of watermelon, cotton candy, cinnamon glaze, chocolate chip and even bacon (Fido will appreciate that one!)

So embrace the many joys of June by stopping by our store to help get the party started!

Wishing you the very best that summer has to offer!

Your friends at Kitchen a la Mode


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