Collection: Polish Pottery

Polish Pottery also known as Polish Stoneware, is a folk art that dates back centuries.  Folklore says it began as early as the middle ages with farmers making pottery for their own use during the winter time when it was too cold to farm. The art has evolved from the production of primitive functional pottery to large factories producing of a wide variety of shapes, designs and styles that range from simple traditional designs to the highly decorative. 


The pottery originated in the Silesia region of Poland. On map, you’ll find the Polish village of Boleslawiec about 100 miles east of Dresden, Germany. The minerals found in the clay in this area produce an exceptionally strong pottery. As a result, Polish Pottery is not only known for it’s beauty, but for its durability as well. Each piece is unique and is safe to use in the microwave, oven, and dishwasher. 

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