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Shun Sora 8" Chef Knife

Shun Sora 8" Chef Knife

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This is the place to start your Shun Sora collection. In Japan, the Sora Chefs Knife would be called a gyuto. Its used for all the same purposes as a chefs knife—all-around food preparation. But it has slightly less curve than a Western chefs knife, which means it contacts the cutting board along more of its length, so more food is cut per slice. The Sora has a gentle roll off the tip compared to the large roll of a Western style knife, so the Sora needs to be lifted less, making cutting more efficient. Whats more, with Sora, you get handcrafted Japanese quality at an amazing price.

  • THE must-have kitchen knife
  • Proprietary Composite Blade Technology puts high-performance VG10 steel on the cutting edge and highly corrosion-resistant Japanese 420J stainless steel on the blade upper
  • San mai edge construction protects and supports the VG10 cutting core; razor-sharp 16¬∞ edge for quick, easy cutting
  • Traditional handle design in textured PP/TPE polymer blend provides a contemporary look, secure grip and balance, and is easy to maintain
  • Blade tang extends all the way to the embossed handle medallion for strength and balance
  • Handcrafted in Japan

Kai USA Ltd.

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