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The Everyday Gourmet Mini Sifters

The Everyday Gourmet Mini Sifters

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This set of fine and coarse mesh sifters make it easy to sprinkle and scatter garnishments over appetizers, desserts, cakes, breads and more!

The fine mesh sifter is idea for sprinkling sugar, cinnamon sugar, confectioner’s sugar, cocoa, cinnamon, paprika and ground spices and herbs. Now you can easily “dress up” French toast, waffles, deviled eggs, canapés, desserts, and hot beverages.

Use the coarse mesh sifter for granulated and other large crystal sugars and salts, coarsely ground pepper, spices, most seeds, and crushed or dried herbs. Sprinkle colorful sugar crystals or flavorful poppy seeds over iced cupcakes, cakes, cookies and breads. Finish hors d’oeuvres and soups with a dash of dill weed. Strain tea leaves after brewing or use to strain the liquid from capers. Made from dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel.


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