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Brainstream BeepEgg Timer (90s Theme)

Brainstream BeepEgg Timer (90s Theme)

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Brainstream 90s BeepEgg, Singing and Floating Egg Timer for Boiling Perfect Soft, Medium or Hard Eggs, Plays 3 Melodies for 3 Degree of Hardness

  • A limited edition singing floating egg timer for that perfectly cooked boiled egg
  • Plays three different tunes for soft, medium or hard boiled eggs
  • Simply pop in the pan and boil along with your eggs until the right tune plays
  • Cook your breakfast eggs to perfection with this fun 1980s nostalgia egg timer
  • Plays songs of the 90s for soft, medium and hard boiled eggs: Must have been love,¬†Step by Step and Mr Vain


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