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Wavertree & London Diffuser - Japanese Plum

Wavertree & London Diffuser - Japanese Plum

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The perfect blend of citrus and floral. Combination of ripening blossoms of Japanese Plums, rich fruits mixed with sweet citruses for a sweet fragrance.
 Our reed diffusers have a unique glass container, rattan reeds and a filled bottle of carefully blended fragranced oil. All our fragrances are truly exceptional and have been created to give a long lasting and exquisite perfumed ambiance.

• 250ml filled bottle
• Unique glass container
• Base is Glycerin instead of Alcohol which is more natural and sustainable.
• Longer lasting as Glycerin does not evaporate like Alcohol.
• Will not damage furnishings.
• Level of fragrance controlled by number of rattan reeds used and frequency of flipping.
• High fragrance load, suitable for large rooms
• 6 Month scent life

Wavertree & London

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