Yellow Tiles Coaster  - Set of Four

Yellow Tiles Coaster - Set of Four

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Silicone coasters, based on 3D geometric pattern that is more than 1000 years old, the pattern was used in southern Europe and north Africa to decorate the castles and houses, either applied as tiles or imprinted on the walls. Heat Resistant.

NEVER STICKS ON GLASSES OR MUGS! the 3D print of the designs givign each color a different height, will catch all the glass swet and coasters will never stick to the glass, the geometric designs make the glass 100% stable on the surface of the coasters

COLORFUL DESIGNS THAT YOU WONT SEE SIMILAR ANYWHERE Our designs are based on 3D geometric patterns from ancient history, we applied the designs on 3D colorful coasters that will add a nice touch to your home collection